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Our farm is located in the Marghine, a region of Sardinia strongly dedicated to the breeding of sheep and the processing of milk, historically recognised as the best place to produce pecorino, thanks to its climate and pastures. Precisely for this reason the first modern dairy was born here and still today we have the highest concentration of artisanal and industrial dairies in Sardinia.

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Otto Passi is our home; it represents the family, a life-long project, a place to connect people through different experiences within our family farm.


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During the cheese making process we only use natural starters cultures made by us with our own milk, in order to maintain naturally the peculiar aromas and typical flavors of the product.

Su di noi


La parte più importante del nostro lavoro è sapere amalgamare bene tutti gli ingredienti: la saggezza della tradizione, il coraggio e la curiosità di tentare strade nuove.