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otto passi

Otto Passi (Eight Steps) is the distance our milk travels from the milking rooms to those where the magic of cheese making still takes place today.

Otto Passi is a family-run farm that rears sheep and produces cheeses, located in the heart of Sardinia, in the ancient region of Marghine, in the Middle Tirso Valley. We are both artisans and farmers of the land. We preserve our home and the traditions handed down by our ancestors.

Otto Passi represents family, animal welfare, natural cheeses and innovation. We raise animals in our pastures and produce our cheeses using only our milk, without the addition of commercial starter strains.

Otto Passi

Our Cheeses

During the cheese making process we only use natural starters cultures made by us with our own milk, in order to maintain naturally the peculiar aromas and typical flavors of the product.

Otto Passi

Our Values

We combine the values of tradition with respect for life, the beauty of nature and the strength of the Sardinian people, creating an experience of the senses that makes people happy to enjoy the fruit of our work.

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Our History

The most important part of our work is knowing how to mix all the ingredients well: the wisdom of tradition, the courage and the curiosity to try new ways.

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