The Otto Passi farm was born because we want to contribute to the economic and social development of a Sardinia that is open to the world and gives hope to young people who dream of returning to their communities and finding fulfilment there, a Sardinia which recognises skills and rewards the agri-food chains that make healthy, ethical and good products.

We work each day to:

Defend our land by adopting cultivation methods that pay more attention to the protection of resources, implementing sustainable crop rotation and using cultivation techniques suitable for improving and protecting the soil.

Respect the environment that has been handed down to us by reducing the use of polluting technologies, carrying out the recycling of organic waste and reusing process by-products, not using chemical pesticides for the cultivation of our lands.

Caring for our animals by adopting zootechnical techniques able to respect their physiological, behavioural and health needs.

Transforming raw milk without heat treatments, using only natural starters cultures, without using additives, preservatives, dyes, antioxidants or other corrective agents such as commercial starter strains.

Constantly updating our skills through training, scientific research and experimentation together with local authorities and institutions.

Preserving tradition through the use of technological innovation that improves, preserves and protects its products.

Contribute to maintaining the vitality of the countryside and its community by creating a local ancillary sector.

Otto Passi

Our Cheeses

During the cheese making process we only use natural starters cultures made by us with our own milk, in order to maintain naturally the peculiar aromas and typical flavors of the product.