Our Farm

The internal supply chain

All stages of the supply chain, from the cultivation of the land to the cheese-making, as well as the breeding of sheep and their milking, are carried out on our farm.

Fields and pastures

We make use of modern technologies to care for our pastures and cultivate our land with the aim of producing forage and hay, respecting the environment we have inherited.
Our vast plot of land allows us to differentiate the forage crops and dedicate large areas to evergreen pastures.

Animal welfare

The farm animals are reared in compliance with the five freedoms (Brambell Report, 1965) for the protection of animal welfare.

Freedom from thirst and malnutrition.

Our sheep enjoy large, safe, irrigated pastures, with unlimited access to fresh water, and follow a varied and balanced diet for every stage of life and at every time of the year.

Freedom from discomfort.

Our flock are guaranteed an environment appropriate to their needs, with comfortable stables for shelter from the summer heat and the cold of winter nights.

Freedom from pain, injury and disease.

The right to veterinary care is guaranteed to all animals on the farm, where adequate shelter and infirmary rooms are provided.

Freedom to express species-specific behaviours.

As breeders, our commitment is to create a habitat that guarantees a social life as close as possible to that of the sheep species.

Freedom from fear and distress.

The breeding conditions of our sheep are designed to avoid unnecessary emotional suffering, protecting the animals from predator attacks and thermal stress, and implementing all the conditions that preserve the animals from what has been defined as “general adaptation syndrome” (Hans Selye, 1936).



Our cheeses are produced for you:

Using only milk from our farm; only in this way can we ensure that it has all the characteristics to guarantee safe, tasty and healthy raw milk products.

With raw whole milk, to preserve the native flora which gives cheeses more intense and richer flavours and aromas than cheeses made with pasteurized milk. In order to maintain all the nutritional and sensorial characteristics of raw milk, without additives, preservatives, dyes, antioxidants and other corrective agents such as commercial starter strains.

We only use natural starters cultures made by us with our own milk, in order to give the consumer an easily digestible product (naturally with lower lactose content than cheeses produced with commercial starter strains), influenced by a unique and inimitable terroir.

Thanks to the family recipes handed down orally by our ancestors and scrupulously guarded by us.

With the help of modern technologies to best preserve the integrity of the raw material, ensuring our customers consume a clean and healthy product.

Otto Passi

Our Cheeses

During the cheese making process we only use natural starters cultures made by us with our own milk, in order to maintain naturally the peculiar aromas and typical flavors of the product.